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Here at Overton we offer an extensive range of seating designs from the traditional Garden Bench to the contemporary Day Bed all specially designed for your comfort.

All our chair covers, umbrellas and cushions are made from a very resilient material called “Planosol” - proven over many years both in Australian and New Zealand climates. Planosol will not rot, is colourfast and is very easy to clean.

As we manufacture all our hardwood furniture in our own factory we can use any timber. We have tried over the years timber from Iroko to Jarrah, from Saligna to plantation Teak and even softwoods like Macrocarpa and cedar.

There is really no contest — Kwila outperforms every timber we know. It has the strength, density and durability to equal the best of them. We only use the highest grade Kwila and have it kiln dried before use. Overton....there really is no contest.

The quality of the timber and the availability from forests managed to sustainable yields makes Kwila superior to any other timber for the outdoors.

We apply an outdoor furniture oil to ensure that the timber weathers to a rich silver grey. The rich timber colour can be maintained if oiled regularly. Kwila will bleed some reddish brown natural sap during the first heavy rainfalls. The sap is not permanent, rain and sun will wash and bleach it away in time.

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